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DAISY CUTTER_enrique garcia & ruben salazar_7min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Daisy Cutter tells the story of a ten years old girl, Zaira, who (like many others) experiences the injustice of war, with the perspective that her tender and naive eyes allow her. Zaira gathers daisies every day for a friend that she misses; so as not to forget him, so as not to lose him.

MOUTHS OF SAND_angel aldarondo_5min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Tuna fish spend months hibernating after the active feeding season in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year these seasons are filmed in rings, leaving opaque areas due to the lack of food.

HAPPY PURCHASE_zhora kryzhovnikov_8min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
Near future. Human-like robots are in open market. Sveta acquires a nice Robot to solve her personal problems. Robot is tuned up automatically to fit the owner’s character. But she is on her way to know who she truly needs.

FLOCK_asier altuna_8min_SPAIN_2010_fiction
A shepherd, lost in the city, searches for his flock. His call attracts the attention of some people, who decide to follow him.

AMAR_isabel herguera_8min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in a mental institution for years. Inés remembers the last days they spent together and her promise to return.

PANTA RHEI_amos holzman_21min_ISRAEL_2010_fiction
Two days in the life of Arik, 17 years old. Sharp cuts between scenes in school, his relationships and the military recruiting office.

THE REFEREE_mattias low_29min_SWEDEN_2010_documentary
Swedish soccer referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose...

PEAL_amin taghipour_5min_IRAN_2010_animation
An old man is wandering in snowy field and trying to hunt birds by throwing stones. After him in the same place a young fellow comes and hunt many birds and unknown creatures by his gun in barbaric way. But mystically he is killed by old man.

SEA OF DESIRES_shota gamisonia_27min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
It is one day in the life of two friends Moscovites. Their Moscow has got a real sea, the southern sun and home-made wine.

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I SPEAK TRUE THINGS_marko tadic_6min_CROATIA_2010_animation
Stories about the island circulated around Europe for centuries, telling that it was the promissed land of the saints, an eartly paradise where fairies and magicians lived. This is a story of a life long search for the island.

BLOCK NR. 6_peter akar_23min_ROMANIA_2010_documentary
In one of Northern-Romania’s evergreen forests, a five story high building stands by itself. It used to be a town, but as the mines were closed, people moved away, the buildings were demolished. Only this one stayed still with still 16 families living in there. The film observes their everyday life in this isolated place.

SUPERCOOL_goran radovanovic_5min_SERBIA_2010_animation
While the house lady is away, the laundry machine tears the socks to shreds and the SuperCool brand glove comes to clear her mess and grows the socks back.

VIVE LA CRISE!_alexei gubenco_3min_ROMANIA_2009_animation
Deforestation, property development, pollution, money, and a lot of food - all this is going to change... The economic crisis is coming!

THAT’S OUR CHILD_elma islamovic_15min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2010_documentary
Sasa, Jasenko and Alma are gay people living in Sarajevo and Tuzla, talking about their 'coming out' process, relationships with parents, friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. Sasa’s parents gave up on him when he told them he was gay. Alex is a transsexual, in the process of transition, and still needs to tell his father about process. Subject of gay people (and transsexual also) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is huge tabboo, and this film opens up the necessery dialogue between these people and those who are strogly against something they apparently don’t understand and don’t wish to understand.

RECYCLING_branko istvancic_15min_CROATIA_2010_fiction
Early in the morning Roma minority family goes from the European city periphery to the city dump collecting goods. They found almost new garment, suit and tie. They put clothes on their eldest son Safet and together with the neighbours go to the most modern factory for recycling in the city. It is Safets’ first working day.

DOG/RABBIT_nebojsa slijepcevic_13min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Story about a starving stray dog and a fat pet rabbit and between them an obsessive and possessive…

STANKA GOES HOME_maya vitkova_15min_BULGARIA_2010_fiction
When Mrs. Stanka Atanasova, an elderly and sick woman, enters her block of flats, she discovers that the elevator is out of order. Stanka must use the stairs to get to the ninth floor, and what for most of us is a simple task, becomes a challenge for her.

SHADOW_bilgi diren gunes_7min_TURKEY_2010_experiment
We usually put away our past memories in the dusty corners of our mind and forget about them for a while. When the time comes, these memories come crashing back and they play shadow games on our mind...

CHOCOLATE CAKE_dorotea vucic_15min_CROATIA_2010_fiction
After her husband's death, Višnja is left with no one to cook for. Her children have left and she cannot see any meaning in life anymore. Shortly after she meets a „petty“ thief Stalone and asks him for a favor.  But her plan soon goes sour... 

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I DON’T DREAM IN GERMAN_ivana lalovic_15min_SWITZERLAND_2008_fiction
Seventeen year old Lejla works with her friend Anci (25), in a noble hotel restaurant on the top of Sarajevo. One day Lejla meets Milos (43), a businessman who moved to Switzerland. At nightfall, they get closer to each other, without knowing, what they will discover the following morning.

JALALU’S DAWN_aline d’auria_6min_SWITZERLAND_2009_documentary
For his birthday, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, an American musician and composer, gives a very special concert at dawn at the Bain des Paquis, in Geneva, Switzerland.

FOR A FISTFUL OF SNOW_julien ezri_6min_SWITZERLAND_2009_animation
A long time ago, terror, loathing and power reigned over the Wild Wild North. The foolishness of the inhabitants led them to battle for anything, even… For a fistful of Snow!

MONSIEUR SELAVY – THE WAY IT IS_peter volkart_10min_SWITZERLAND_2008_experiment
A film diary about the vicissitudes of existence and how to encounter them with dignity. A journey in which space and time coordinates become a bit tangled ...

TRINKLER_marie-catherine theiler_9min_SWITZERLAND_2010_experiment
What on earth could bring together an optician, a painter, a shop assistant, a bus driver and a shepherd? A story in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

LITTLE FIGHTERS_ivana lalovic_15min_SWITZERLAND_2010_fiction
In the outskirts of a town during the war, two brothers, Almen and Harun, pass their time by scanning the surrounding countryside for any changes. Their little sister is dreadfully afraid of shellfire, so they tell her that it’s not the enemy hiding out there in the hills, but rather the Indians from her comic books. When Selma begins to believe the stories, however, she soon places herself unknowingly in danger.

DANCING TO HAPINESS_barbara seiler_17min_SWITZERLAND_2008_fiction
Anna is working as a cleaning lady. Every night she cleans Helen’s office. Helen is a high level broker working in the stock exchange. The two women normally would never meet each other. However they happen to have enrolled on the same salsa course. A lesbian fairytale depicting the possibility of overcoming social borders.

EYELASH_marcel hobi_8min_SWITZERLAND_2008_animation
If an eyelash falls out, lay it on the back of your hand, make a wish as you blow it away – and your wish will come true! - a popular belief. Wishing is not easy if everything is already perfect. And Wanner’s life is perfect. All the same, Wanner is constantly endeavouring to optimise his everyday life with an eyelash. A balancing act between the ideal and reality.

ROOTS_eileen hofer_18min_SWITZERLAND_2008_fiction
In a small Turkish village, doomed to be flooded by the construction of a dam, an unemployed widower wants to celebrate his birthday of his child, who dreams of flying like Spiderman. The same day he learns that the dam will finally be constructed.

TIT FOR TAT_ivana lalovic_6min_SWITZERLAND_2009_fiction
Short film from Sarajevo born director Ivana Lalovic tells a story of a young member of a neo – nazi gang who ”unfortunatelly” rescues a little black girl who starts following him.

PERIPHERIA_marcel barelli_8min_SWITZERLAND_2009_animation
Switzerland has run out of living space. That is why the Swiss Navy set out to conquer the South Pole!

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THE VEIL_omer cacan_8min_TURKEY_2009_fiction
The Veil is a story of women who became mothers when they were still children themselves. A story of an endless cycle of desperation, that turns into a kind of destiny. It is a story of silent acquiescence. Cemile lives in a sod-roofed house in a distant village. Her story finishes in one long dark night. In one long and dark night, it starts over again.

HOW TO DEAL WITH NONSENSE_veronica solomon_5min_ROMANIA/GERMANY_2010_animation
Does the world seem to you coherent and comprehensible? ...  But why struggle to understand when we can joyfully slide through so many layers of nonsense... The Spherical Mother Superior keeps the broth boiling and the steam rising, and all the rumors will be taken to the Great Hamster in the sky. And then...? Don’t worry, there’s a happy end.

THE SON_dimitris nakos_6min_GREECE_2010_fiction
The parents of an eight years old boy, listening embarrassed to his questions, answer with a funny “non-frankness”. When the son became a father himself some years later, although his intention was for the opposite, the story is repeated.

LISTENING TO ISTANBUL_veysel cihan hizar_8min_TURKEY_2010_documentary
We listen in silence as Istanbul tells her own tale, through her own sounds.

DERBY_paul negoescu_15min_ROMANIA/GERMANY_2010_fiction
One night, Mircea, hears his fifteen year old daughter having sex with her boyfriend in her bedroom.

ANYTHING FOR YOU_toma waszarow_19min_BULGARIA_2009_fiction
Ana thinks she knows exactly what she wants with men. And with life in general. Tonight though, her views will face a tough challenge. A meeting awaits her, and it will turn her world upside down.

PARTY_dalibor matanic_15min_CROATIA_2009_fiction
«Party» is the story set in a sunny, bright summer day in Vukovar. Enjoying and living day like that it seams almost impossible to believe that the brightness and joy can be easily interrupted. «Party» is a part 2 of six short films dealing with intimacy of six different parts of planet Earth on the same day.

RICOCHET_emir kapetanovic_25min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2010_documentary
Short documentary about rap music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.