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NO SLEEP WONT'T KILL YOU_marko mestrovic_9min_CROATIA_animation
What happens when the dream takes control over reality?

RUDI’S LEXICON_nedeljko dragic_8min_CROATIA_animation
Rudi is a typical „small man“, unmarried, lives in the city, enslaved by the four walls, „normal“ society frustrates him…

DISTANCES_liliana resnick_10min_CROATIA_experiment
A woman is forced to take an unwanted step in her life.

PORTRAIT OF MY HEART_ljubica heidler_7min_CROATIA_animation
The more suffering in the world the less we see it, so we can speak of a stabile negative corelation. Things like"matters of the heart" belong to the past.

RUN_nevio masarovic_4min_CROATIA_animation
Can a human life be told in a few minutes?

NOTE_marko mestrovic_12min_CROATIA_animation
Three deferent stories about a relationship between father and son placed in a different social standing.

PLAKATKINO_goran trbuljak_8min_CROATIA_animation/experiment
Suddenly, in a place where many posters rotate during a year, the rotation of the images is quickened.

SLAUGHTERED_marko djeska_5min_CROATIA_animation
Pig on the countryside gets slaughtered by two butchers. After he wakes up in his room, in his bed, he realizes that it was just a dream. On his way to work he notices the butcher from his dream on the street who then starts haunting him.

UNDER_stjepan milas_4min_CROATIA_animation
A short story of a man who, while expecting, became something unexpected.

UP IN THE GALLERY_tomislav gregl_5min_CROATIA_animation/experiment
This experimental animated film explores a world of Kafka's metaphors in which society is reduced to absurdity.

FORMAT_darko bakliza_6min_CROATIA_animation
Format deals with relationship and boundaries between man and woman through movement.

POINT OF MOUTH_midhat janovic ajan_11min_CROATIA_animation
Point of mouth is an „inner documentary“ about a man from Sarajevo, using animated drawings allowing us to see images from his life from an ultimately subjective point of view.

THE LIFE BOAT_neven petricic_10min_CROATIA_animation
A metaphoric story about the life of a common, small man and his family who are all in the boat at sea, sea of life.

MOBITEL MANIA_darko vidackovic_5min_CROATIA_animation
The peak of everyday life in a young girl's life is her cell phone
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LEFT RIGHT_stavros raptis/argyris germanidis_14min_GREECE_fiction
Two strangers who live in the neighbouring apartments spend a night together.

HEART KEEP BEATING_mia degner_22min_ROMANIA/DENMARK_documentary
Claudia and Alex dream about having a family; about a completely normal life after growing up in an orphanage and being HIV infected since childhood.

ID_miroslav jovic_8min_SERBIA_animation
The story follows up a man who wakes up without any of the senses. He does not have the eyes, ears, nose, skin. He has polluted everything around himself so much that he feels nothing any more. All at once, he gets a chance to return to the gone, but…

TOBACCO GIRL_biljana garvanlieva_29min_GERMANY_documentary
Mümine is 14 years of age and lives with her family in the tobacco farming regions in the mountains of Macedonia. Mümine is supposed to marry and be sold to her future husband.

LATE HOME_maria averina_29min_BULGARIA_documentary
A film about two women who live in a home for elderly people and who, against all circumstances of hardship and loneliness, have kept in their souls the good spirit and strive for life.

THE LIGHTHOUSE_velislava gospodinova_5min_BULGARIA_animation
Film tells a story about life´s absurdity and the game of destiny which is too cruel at times.


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OEDIPUS_ioakim mylonas_23min_CYPRUS_fiction
A young detective is commissioned a job from an attractive woman. He has to investigate the disappearance of an infant that took place 30 years ago.

A MATTER OF CHOICE_anna dmitrieva_13min_BULGARIA_fiction
Plamen was riding a bike when Ivan hits him with his car. After the initial shock they go to a nearby bar to have a drink and celebrate that no one was injured. It turns out that both of them are in the same life situation, their girlfriends are both pregnant. However their choices in life are different.

BLACK_neslihan siligur_15min_TURKEY_fiction
The life had given Ahmet firstly locked doors, but then some keys. These keys could help him to get rid of his loneliness and could be the keys of his new life.

A DAY IN IONESCU’S LIFE_mihai surubaru_30min_ROMANIA_animation
Short story which presents with the specific means of animation a suite of tragi - comic events that the main character has to face. Ionescu gets unintentionally into a conflict with an aggressive and violent world that drives him to despair. When all seems lost, a miracle happens.

SELF - PORTRAIT 13.03.2009_melina alagic_12min_BiH_fiction
Just another excercise at the Academy of Performing Arts – is it not? The most difficult form of art is when you take yourself as the subject.

ASSAULT_marko crnogorski_10min_MACEDONIA_fiction
Two soldiers at night guard are attacked and call for the help in the barracks.

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THE GAMBLER_reard gjermani_19min_ALBANIA_fiction
Edi, a 30-year old young man has serious problems with gambling. His life, and his family in particular, has been tremendously affected by it. The latter is fed up with his swindles and regard his imprisonment as the only solution.

WINNERS AND LOSERS_nail pelivan_2min_TURKEY_experiment
Now, there are losers and winners.

KRISTOF’S PICTURES_paula durinova_9min_SLOVENIA_documentary
Short documentary about an old painter named Krištof Zupet. He used to live in the old house, Kolizej in Ljubljana, where he had an atelier. Now, in one room flat, he is reflecting his life periods and creations.

MUSIC IN THE BLOOD_alexandru mavrodineanu_17min_ROMANIA_fiction
Petre is convinced that his son is very gifted, but gypsie music business is tough.

BROADCASTING_andreas andonopoulos_12min_GREECE_fiction
Can you recognize the difference between life and show?

DREAMERS_nermin hamzagic_29min_BiH_documentary
Documentary film about two young hip hopers Samir Karic and Amir Muminovic from a small village Hajvazi in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of the lyrics in one of their songs where they criticize the local Mayor, they have been attacked by Mayor's son.

FUGATA_tsvetelin yolov_10min_BULGARIA_fiction
One for ALL – ALL against one!

TIT FOR TAT_ivana lalovic_6min_SWITZERLAND_fiction
Short film from Sarajevo born director Ivana Lalovic tells a story of a young member of a neo – nazi gang who ”unfortunatelly” rescues a little black girl who starts following him.