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Gan de LANGE_12min_2011_english subtitles
A little boy enters the woods, there he tries to create a world of his own, but nature has its own roles.

Last Calls
Ruthy PRIBAR_23min_2012_english subtitles
Seventeen-year-old Tal finds the mobile phone of her older sister who died six months ago. In a fit of curiosity she starts dialing the last numbers on the phone's memory, trying to grasp more details about her beloved sister's last day.

I am a Desert
Neta BRAUN_14min_2010_english subtitles
A woman drives to a nowhere place. Her man is in the trunk. Between reality and illusion, a story of blurred consciousness unfolds. Loneliness. Dependency. Hatred. Love. Mostly love.

Lera MISHIROVA_5min_2010_english subtitles
In a desolate bar at the end of the world, a place nobody ever reaches, a barmen and a waitress play "Battleship". The game goes on in unchanging routine, out of boredom and without attributing any importance to the result. But in another reality, a reality which does not include the bar, the progress of the game has fateful result of which the barmen and the waitress are unaware. The repetitive formula is broken when a fugitive from the "real world" suddenly arrives at the remote bar.

First Aid
Yarden KARMIN_16min_2010_english subtitles
A day before his wedding, Shai visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend, for a tempestuous encounter prior to becoming established. Tamar leaves him a hickey, entangling the situation.

Many Faces
Nir PHILOSOF_6min_2011_english subtitles
Is it possible to walk through life, believing you only have one single persona? Is it possible to be real and genuine all the time and at all cost? And is there such a thing as “Real”? An old lady is forced to leave her comfort house to buy a new milk carton at the near grocery store. On her way there and back, she comes across a bunch of odd and colorful characters that push her to face her environment and, above all, herself. A short movie that wonders about the human soul, self-reflection and denial.

A Wonderful Day
Ariel WEISBROD & Yossi MEIRI_24min_2011_english subtitles
Before moving to Germany, Shachar plans to propose marriage to his girlfriend, hoping that she will accompany him. His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, will stop at nothing to prevent him from going to Germany. The conflict between the grandmother and her grandson becomes inevitable.

Catherine the Great  
Anna KUNTSMAN_5min_2011_english subtitles
Catherine, a young woman from Moldova, answers an appealing Want ad that calls for work overseas. She receives a plane ticket and arrives in Israel, landing in Tel Aviv without the slightest notion about the cruelty that awaits her.

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barbara vekaric_20min_2011_CROATIA_fiction_english subtitles
Amra is an attractive and talented teenager living in the outskirts of Zagreb whose dirty rap made her quite popular in the neighborhood. Dina is her chubby, clumsy and spoiled younger sister who suffers from asthma and often feigns or exaggerates her illness to drive her older sister up the wall. Amra and her “manager” plan to shoot a hot music video for her big break-through hit to be “Girl from da hood”, but she learns last minute that she’s to babysit Dina instead, while her parents go Bosnia. Not willing to sacrifice her “big chance”, Amra takes Dina along and puts her    life at risk.

nursel dogan_20min_2012_TURKEY_fiction_english subtitles
Gülizar had to move from her small village to the big city. She can’t speak any language except her native language is Kurdish. Everything is very different for her including the culture, language in the big metropolis Istanbul. She has to face a lot of challenges even she couldn’t speak with a doctor, which is one of the most basic rights.

yildiray yildirim_8min_2012_TURKEY_fiction_english subtitles
In 1982 during the martial law, people in a cafeteria watch porno. Two military posts enter the cafeteria. The story is absolutely different than it seems.

thelyia petraki_18min_2012_GREECE_fiction_english subtitles
Pray describes that moment in life when someone realizes the world is far from perfect. The story is about a girl who's been sentenced by the court of law to be buried alive, but no one around her seems to care.

luka bursac_26min_2012_SERBIA_fiction_english subtitles
Sale is angry young man who goes to his brother 18th birthday. This night will change his life in coming of age drama about fears, idols and love...


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IN FOCUS – Oliver Ressler

The Bull Laid Bear_24min_2012_english subtitles
The Bull Laid Bear is structured around a series of interviews with US economists and activists including: William K. Black, a white-collar criminologist; Yves Smith, the author of the blog Naked Capitalism; Tiffiniy Cheng, campaign coordinator for A New Way Forward; and Gerald Epstein co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute in Amherst, MA. The material gathered from these four interviewees has been blended with hand drawn animations to create a quasi-fictitious criminal world of gangster bankers and corrupt courts.

The Fittest Survive_23min_2006_english subtitles
The video “The Fittest Survive” is based on filming the five-day course “Surviving Hostile Regions” done in January 2006 in Wales, Great Britain by the AKE Group. The course instructors are British ex-special force soldiers. The participants are businessmen who are preparing for business in Iraq and other dangerous regions, government officials and mainstream journalists who, with their dishonest discourse of democracy and human rights, help to legitimise and secure the ideology of market-economics expansion.

Robbery_2min_2012_english subtitles
The film Robbery links the looting during the social unrest in Britain in August 2011 with the looting of state coffers to save the banks and the economy done by the governments of many countries since 2008. This looting enabled banks to be saved and managers and stockholders to be paid dividends and bonuses; however, the states’ bailouts caused increased budget deficits and resulted in austerity measures for the 99% – which contributes to increased social inequality. The looting of shops by impoverished working class youth (nighttime robbery) is therefore causally connected with the looting of state coffers and the dismantling of social security systems by the ruling elites (daytime robbery).

The Plundering_40min_2013_english subtitles
The film The Plundering focuses on four cases of aggressive, state-property privatization policies in Tbilisi. Through interviews, it discusses the privatization of the water system in Tbilisi and of Tbilisi’s popular market, the Dezerter Bazaar. A newly emerging movement prevented the attempted sell-off of the National Scientific Library, and the destruction and conversion of the historical Gudiashvili Square in Tbilisi’s city center into a shopping mall.

Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?_19min_2010_english subtitles
The film “Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?” was recorded in Armenian in summer 2010 in Yerevan’s largest bazaar, called “Bangladesh”. Every day more than 1000 people try to survive as traders in the “Bangladesh” bazaar, where an average vendor does not earn more than 100 to 250 Euros per month. In the film, the market’s traders talk about their struggles to survive during crises in a post-socialist state that closed most Soviet-era factories and dissolved social safety nets.

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DOKUBAZAAR>documentary mix

kuba lubniewski&mikolaj molenda_2012_poland/mexico_33min_english subtitles
Two young surf dudes from Poland - Kuba Łubniewski and Mikołaj Molenda - made this splish-splash documentary in Mexico's Puerto Escondido. The film follows four fellow surfers as they grace the waves and maneuver their way through the coast's surf culture.

diana aszyk_2012_poland/ukraine_17min_english subtitles
A poetic tale of living on the lake of one Ukrainian family, for which the lake has throughout generations been the focal point of life.

maja brnusakova_2012_slovakia_19min_english subtitles
The story about one young woman who didn’t get love in her childhood. Now she has been looking for a big love on all wrong places and destroying her own life.

vincent forster_2013_germany/egypt_41min_english subtitles
Alexandria and Cairo between December 2011 and July 2012, between the first free Parliamentary and Presidential Elections as well as the first anniversary of the revolution. But even one year after the subversion of Hosni Mubarak nothing has really changed and prospects for the future - depending on the point of view - are rather bleak, too. Six people with different social backgrounds talk about their experiences, fears, wishes, dreams and the relationship with their motherland.

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FIBONACCI BREAD_danijel zezelj_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation_english subtitles
Fibo the baker makes bread and rolls every night, and in the morning, he rides his bicycle through the labyrinth of the city to take them to his customers. During an afternoon nap, a dream reveals to him the geometrical golden rule behind the pattern of his daily routine. This discovery leads to the encounter with the city's secret and most unusual visitor...

SON OF SATAN_marko djeska_10min_2012_CROATIA_animation_english subtitles
A benign demon deeply disapointed with his life in hell and drunkard father one day decides to leave his home...

WHY ELEPHANTS?_marko mestrovic_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation_english subtitles
Character is trying to give an answer on a simple question. He is wondering through the labyrinth of intuitive visions. In some way this question determines his life. His answer is again the same...Do we have answers on important questions at all?

MEAT_ivan mirko senjanovic_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation_english subtitles
Short story about meat...

DEAR KENO_natko stipanicev_6min_2012_CROATIA_animation_english subtitles
A young, innocent country girl comes to big city for work. There she meets charming, older business man and their lives intertwine.

THE TALE OF THE WALL INHABITANTS_andrej boka_16min_2012_SERBIA_fiction_english subtitles
The conflict between door and windows is threatening to escalate.

LECEDRA_jivko darakchiev_30min_2012_BULGARIA/FRANCE_documentary/experiment_english subtitles
An intimate portrait of a village in the Bulgarian Balkans which is progressively invaded by foreign elements. We share a meal, revive an old cinema house, and intrude on the privacy of several animals. The spaces encountered become a visual playground where unexpected relationships are created and a new topology is established.

ONE_matija radeljak_15min_2011_CROATIA_fiction_english subtitles
She reached the botton. He is about to...

LEADER_gabriel tzafka_27min_2011_SERBIA/GREECE_fiction_english subtitles
Boris is a twelve year old boy who lives with his grandparent in Serbia. They both earn their living by playing music on trains. One night an unknown woman appears out of nowhere claiming she is Boris's mother. Since he moved to Athens five years later his way of life has radically changed, likewise himself.

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